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Roulette Tips To Help You Win More

Roulette isn’t just all about luck. There is a certain level of mastery to be achieved in the game. Follow Roulette tips to learn how you can increase your bankroll.

Useful Roulette Tips And Tricks

Play The Outside

You can win so much more with this section of the betting layout. Try it out next time.

Take A Break From Online Roulette

You learn a lot about the game and yourself when you take breaks. Rest is vital.

Monitor A Roulette Wheel

It’s all about proper study and analysis. Get that right and you can become a pro.

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Beginner Tips For Winning

It’s a bad move to gamble without any insight. Follow the beginner tips and
you can become a great gambler.

Find The Right Online Casino For You

By finding the right online casino, you can have access to a variety of games and reap the benefits of rewards and bonuses.

Know The Roulette Table Layout

Playing with no proper knowledge of the roulette table will finish your bankroll. You should study the number sequences and charts to increase your chances of winning.

Have A Betting Strategy

Without a betting strategy, you are essentially flying blind. A betting strategy gives you a clear idea of how you need to be playing.

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Strange Books On Casino Games!

Strange Books On Casino Games!

The casino is a massive industry and the ultimate place for people who love gambling and making money. On the other hand, books are another different world where people love to be a part of an author’s life or a journey. By combining these art forms, we have lined up some of the strangest books ever; written about casino games. Take a look at them!

ultimate place

  • Ben Mezrich’s Bringing down the house: To be frank, the book is not about how to bring down a house through a tutorial, as the book’s name suggests, but the book revolves around the group of students who win a million dollars of money because of blackjack. Though this is not a fiction book, it looks like a biography. The book talks about the protagonist named Jeff Ma. It talks about how the protagonist and his friend dominated the gaming tables of blackjack within four years. Some readers claim that the content in the book has been fabricated, and they also feel that this makes the book sound unusual or strange.
  • John Grochowski’s Video poker answer book: All the poker lovers assemble here! Yes, this is the perfect book for poker lovers. The author John tries to build the gap between the poker players and video poker games. The book has all that one needs to know about poker, from the mechanics of video poker to different types of poker to match games to the definition of terms. Also, the book contains series of questions and answers about poker; it is also a poker manual. The book helps the players to analyze the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand. The author is a casino expert who has been gambling in casinos since the 1990s and has made the readers analyze and take perfect decisions resulting in the reduction of odds of losing the casino.

poker manual

  • Josh Axelrad’s Repeat until rich: Repeat until rich is a true story written by Josh Axelrad, based on a group of card counters who made big money. The author explains how Axelrad and his friends made a maximum amount of money in just five years through card counting. By spotting hot tables in the casinos, they used to move from one place to another. Josh has covered it all for his readers, from the tactics to win at casinos to myths about card counters to the role and importance of coordination to strategies and skills to count cards correctly! Also, he has elaborated on how to disappear or disguise yourself when you know that you will get caught by the casino house and ideas on how to avoid being sent out from the casinos!